Get money directly, or earn your festival ticket for free by promotion. You will benefit with a commission.

• 5 people or more = 10% discount per festival ticket
(flights, visa, transfers, extras excluded). In case of 5 tickets, you earn 5 x 10% x €720 = €360 .

• 4 people or less = 5% discount per festival ticket. In case of 4 tickets, you earn 4 x €720 = €144.

You can do all the bookings yourself on one booking. Or ask all people to fill in your promotion code on the booking form, and you get the money (by banking transfer) or by means of a (part of) festival ticket.

Wil je promotor worden?

Please contact us, and we will send you all information and a promotion code. For some countries we can need more than 1 promoter.

Lokale promotor

You can contact your local promoter for more information about the festival, flights, information about Cuba, and if you want a discount.

Promotor Frankrijk

Muriel and Thierry Meynlé

Facebook: Muriel and Thierry Meynlé

Promotor Italie

Damaris Hechavarria

Email: Damaris Hechavarria
Facebook: Damaris Hechavarria

Promotor Italie

Fabio and Steffy, Ri-Animazione Latina dance school

Facebook: Ri-animazionelatina Scuola Di Ballo

Promotor Israel

Nano and Bat-hen, Nano-Cuban Dance

Facebook: Nano Manuel Hechavarria

Promotor Guadeloup

Isabelle Amalfi

Facebook: Isabelle Amalfi

Promotor Spanje

Nika Marti

Facebook: Nika Marti

Promotor Spanje


Email: Facebook@Krainbaa.KDance
Facebook: Kdance

Promotor Spanje

Evelyn Viana

Facebook: Evelyn Viana

Promotor Turkije

Ibrahim Cin

Facebook: Ibrahim Cin

Promotor Engeland

Jude Lanchin

Facebook: Jude Lanchin

Promotor Australia

Janice Flamer-Caldera
Facebook: Janice Flamer-Caldera

Promotor Duitsland

Reynaldo Salazar
Facebook: Reynaldo Salazar

Promotor USA

Kimberley Bennet
Facebook: Kimberley Bennet

Promotor Chili

Carlos Menares
Facebook: Carlos Menares

  • Onze reizen gaan altijd door
  • Deelnemers van alle leeftijden
  • Inschrijven ook zonder danspartner
  • Van beginners tot vergevorderden
  • Voor singles & dansparen, 15% aanbetaling